eichornJerry Eichorn Gonzalez 1938-2013

Nov. 4, 2013 — Jerry Eichorn Gonzalez has passed away.  Judy Allen Morris was notified of her death and provided this note written to a nephew by her husband, Galo. 

Grant, just want to inform you that your loved aunt, Jerry Ann Gonzalez, is no longer with us.  GOD took her away on Oct. 10 at 11:10 pm.  We, Rita M. and I, were present when she took her last breath.  She went peacefully in a very calm way and now she is in the presence of God.  Everything went fast from the moment she found out she was sick with pancreatic cancer in late July until her death in Oct. 11.  She was very strong.  She wanted to live more years and enjoy life with the family. Like is said, you propose and God dispose it his way.  She will be missed for many years to come.  It's been hard for Rita M. and I but we must learn to accept God's will.  She is with him for the eternity just waiting for everyone to come.  If you wish you may let Cynthia and Kala know the sad news.  Your aunt was a lady. Very special to everyone that had the opportunity to know her. She was one kind of a person. She was going to be 75 next December on the 24th. God be with her always.  Give my love and regards to everyone in your home. — Uncle Galo