Poem for the LHS Class of 1956

Jerry Rogers

Listen my kids as we pass in review
And maybe some news that you never knew.
I don’t know, but I’ve been told
That your bodies constantly expect to grow old.
I was your teacher and coach if you please
And would like very much to speak and to tease.

So let’s start with the man called Johnny McGrew
Your own Captain Cash and isn’t it true ...
He has built up our city and made lots of dough
But the best thing to happen is Rita, ya know!

Next in line is Marsha and Ray.
Engaged after kindergarten some people will say.
I’ve been in their home and found it quite neat
With a world class toilet that just can’t be beat.
Marsha writes and she writes ‘til late in the night
But her geometry grade would be lost in the fight.

Bob Lockwood does Elvis and what a fun treat
It happens right after we all get to eat!
And I am very indebted for what he has done
When for five years at the pool he hired my son.

Galen Cawley is high on my list you know
He ran a great mile at the state’s biggest show.
Once in geometry he told me a whinny
That he had never seen a hound dog that wasn’t skinny.
Go figure!

Ya know Harry Miller was a good lookin’ boy
Coached him in track and what a real joy.
Until one day I sent him away, I suppose,
Cuz Junior Smith hit him and broke his nose!

And how about the guy named Will
Who shocked us all one day.
Because right then our hearts would fill
And Ebb Tide was the way.
So he’s here tonight, but I won’t ask
To hear his voice in song
Remember when we used to bask?
But it’s been so very long.

Alan Coombs was a very nice boy
A clean-cut kid — but shoot!
He made us stand in all of our joy
And the flag we would salute.

I really didn’t know Barbara Lesch
But her dad would cut my hair.
And here I sit and gloat and gush
But now my head is bare.

Don Gardner or “Red Dog” if you want
I put him on a front row seat, but not to make him mad.
Semper Fi to this tough marine; better you don’t taunt
He whipped his bout with cancer and all of us are glad.

I could never forget Martha Hammig
She will always be my friend.
She’s married to an athlete
On whom she can depend.

When I think about Dan Grover
It’s usually as a golfing nut.
I’ve tried to be as good as him
But I’ll never learn to putt.

Julie Harner was her name
Before she tied a knot.
Now she’s showing TV fame
With everything she’s got.

It’s easy to remember David Paul
And what he could do with the old football.
You could say for sure you never saw lazy
But lots of his actions would drive Woolard crazy.

Dick Bennett was a football guy
Though he never played a down.
And so I’ve always wondered why
We called him “Bugs” which must bring a frown.

Now they say that Donnie Acher
Doesn’t come to things like this
But if you want to see the guy
Take heed and here’s your wish.
(Check out Ottawa, KS)

I never really knew the girl named Charlotte Bayne
But I think she married Joel Malott
Who dragged to the jail two thieves in horrific pain
Just after being shot!

Now Gordon was a big kid
You can see he’s still that way.
He moved to Lawrence late in life
Three sports he liked to play.
He never won the big one
But his kids were all AA!

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