Christmas Greetings 2016 from Yin Yeh

Dear friends,

Betty (Liz) and Yin are happy to say that 2016 has been a very serene year for us. Betty's eye issue has not resolved favorably, but she is handling it extremely well, including passing a driving test with one patched eye,securing her renewal of driver's license. Our one major trip was to explore some of the interesting sights of the USA by an automobile trip. We were able to couple our sightseeing tour with attendance to Yin's Lawrence High School's 60th reunion and a chance to drive up to Ann Arbor to visit our 96 year-old Aunt and Uncle.

Driving through the USA on the Interstate highways is definitely an experience. Oh, we know of the traffic congestions in our Bay area and the LA basin, so when the Interstate stretches into Nevada, Utah and Kansas, the open space itself is breathtaking. Colorado of course stands out as truly a beautiful land, and we found ourselves loving the crisp, golden Aspen forest, the clear, pure, alpine lake, and the majestic red rock mountains.

Our return from Ann Arbor was accompanied partially by our eldest grandson, Tyler, who had just graduated from San Francisco State and had a few days to spend with us. As he drove us through the Midwest states of Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota, we were able to enjoy the scenic views of these landscapes. After crossing both the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, we were again treated to plains, this time in South Dakota. At Black Hills was Mount Rushmore. Learning about the history behind the carving was very worthwhile. The courage and stamina of the Native Americans showed in the nearby Crazy Horse Monument, which depicts a compassionate warrior and leader of the Oglala Lakota tribe.

We capped our trip with canyon visits in Colorado and Utah, spending time at the Colorado National Monument, Arches and Canyonlands NPs. Finally, Betty was able to dip her toes in the Great Salt Lake AND wet her fingers with a newly made snowball at Donner Summit. So overall it was a very complete trip, even without mentioning the countless number of classmates, former colleagues and students we met and spent enjoyable time along the way.

Besides traveling, our lives continue to be filled with volunteering activities. Liz's LTC Ombudsman program continues to evolve, and she is rolling with the punch, so to speak. Yin has done a third year as an AARP TaxAide volunteer. He is also involved with the UCD Emeriti Oral History project, inviting participation of Emeriti Professors to provide historical accounts o f UCD from their individual perspectives.

Our children and their families are all doing well. We had a protracted, but fun Thanksgiving weekend with all of them in staggering fashion, based on their busy schedules.

Wishing you the best for this Holiday Season and a Happy New Year in 2017, even as we have to contemplate living in Trumpdom for a while.

With love, Betty (Liz) and Yin

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